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With our advanced API solution, we collaborate with and YEAY APP as content portal. YEAY is a new and innovative way for influencers to publish their favorite products and brands.
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*About YEAY and advanced store as its monetiser

advanced store is in charge of monetizing the YEAY platform and its services. All we need is a link to your product or service. The video content in YEAY is created by influencers. Your link will be placed contextually in the video and lead interested users to your website.

About YEAY

In a world of fake news YEAY wanted to build a space you could trust for product reviews and recommendations. That’s why we teamed up with WOM. Using their blockchain technology we’ve created a community for people to share honest recommendation videos with one another about the lifestyle products, services and experiences they love. Those videos get quality-checked by other members of the community to keep the whole thing honest-- and everyone, from the people who create the content, to the people who rate it, gets rewarded for their value.

Where advanced API is used? Context-sensitive overlay ads in the recommendation videos.
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We place your links only on our quality publisher inventory.
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