Display Advertising (EN)

display advertising

Banner advertising in
attractive enviroments

With dynamic display adverts we can appeal to your users on the basis of extensive e-commerce profile data. Thanks to our own technology, we master not only the range of defined standard IAB formats, but are also able to realise customised formats that can be used to achieve strong publisher placements.

Effective growth through high scalability

Tailored advertising materials

We use your product data feed combined with anonymised profile data to create tailored advertising materials in order to address your users in the most personalised way possible. Our banners related to interest and intent with customised product presentations generate high response rates.

Optimised media buying

Thanks to high purchase volumes, we have access to exclusive inventories at favourable purchasing conditions. Over 540 international private deals & auctions are the result of many years of cooperation with our premium publishers.

Audience Targeting

We combine prospecting and retargeting to appeal to all relevant users, whether they are new, existing or lapsed customers. As a result, we utilise intent and interest data, specifically select users who are interested in making a purchase and run campaigns based on unique characteristics of these users, such as, for example, gender, age or location.