advanced store & ad4mat: Successful partner for advertisers and publishers

advanced store & ad4mat: Successful partner for advertisers and publishers

We have been working with both advertisers and publishers for many years. While we successfully run performance marketing for advertisers under the advanced store brand, we offer innovative products under the ad4mat brand that enable publishers to earn money online - with their website or on their social media channel.

We started the new year with the relaunch of our ad4mat portfolio and the associated website Publishers will find an overview of our products and learn how they can use them to increase their online advertising revenues.

More sales through online reach with ad4mat

With our smart advertising solutions, our publisher partners have a variety of ways to generate revenue from their reach. Whether they integrate affiliate links into their content or place banner ads on their website, there is a product for every channel.

The ad4mat team works together with each publisher to find the best solution to increase their revenues. The publisher advisors help with the initial integration of the advertising media, advise on optimization during placement, and are always available to provide help and advice. Publishers can access their statistics and an overview of their revenues via their personal account in the advanced suite.

Smart advertising solutions for publishers

Publishers can use the following ad4mat products to earn money with their online reach:

advanced link

With affiliate links, which can be easily integrated into the content - matching the respective topic or targeted for specific brands - online revenues can be generated very easily and without any technical knowledge. Links from thousands of advertisers are available, so that every publisher can find the right brands. The application possibilities for advanced link are diverse and can be integrated into website content as well as used on social media channels. Through content commerce and social commerce, publishers can easily generate revenue from their reach.


Learn more about the trends in affiliate marketing 2023:

Affiliate Marketing Trends 2023

advanced ad

With advanced ad we offer banners with ads of hundreds of international brands. It is possible to display ads from different advertisers on one banner. Publishers can make their own selection and also decide whether to use standard formats or choose an individual banner size. We advise on the optimal placement and together we get the best result.

compare ad

Our comparison tables for telecommunications products represent real added value for both the publisher and its users. Users can compare the services and prices of different providers and are redirected directly to the desired product. The publisher earns on every transaction when a user goes from their site to the advertiser and buys.

select ad

Our select ad banners do not simply depict a brand or a product. They require user interaction and guide the user directly to the appropriate offer based on their selection. This increases the conversion rate and thus also the publisher's revenue.

How do advertisers benefit from the cooperation with ad4mat publishers?

Advertisers can be sure that their brand is presented on high-quality environments and reaches the appropriate target group. Our publisher products fit into the content in the best possible way and thus achieve extremely good conversion rates.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we also know the requirements of both publishers and advertisers. Accordingly, we are constantly developing our products to achieve maximum success for both sides.


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