Native Advertising (EN)

native advertising

Native ads for higher acceptance by your users and increasing click rates

When compared with classic display formats, native ads appear to be an effective alternative. Image-text ads are strong contributors to brand awareness, click rates and conversion, regardless of whether they are for desktops, tablets or smartphones. We design your advertising materials in such a way that the visuals and content fit in with editorial environments and specifically address the interests of your users.

Know the target groups and personas

If used properly, native ads can generate above-average click through rates. In order to achieve the desired response from consumers in the native forms of advertising, it is important to address clear personas. The more precisely the native campaign is aligned with your goals and the needs of the people you are addressing, the better we can target potential buyers with the correct information and the right call to action.

Data-driven user strategy

We use pre-structured intent and interest data from relevant e-commerce segments to identify potential purchasing intentions and the specific product interests of users. We collect user information from over 100 data sources and supplement this with selected second-party data from our partners.

Using the synergy from prospecting & retargeting

We want to reach all relevant users, regardless of whether they are new, existing or lapsed customers. This is why we rely on the combined pulling power of prospecting and retargeting campaigns. On the one hand, we approach potential customers, even before specific search behaviours or website visits. On the other, we can use highly frequented environments to reach and bring back those whose interest has waned.