Notes for our partners

Notes for our partners

On 25th of May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation, for short GDPR, was officially entering into force. The regulation adopted by the European Union will regulate the handling of personal data in the future and apply uniformly to all EU companies.

Since advanced store handles with data responsibly, we have already implemented the requirements of the GDPR. For this purpose, we have revised our privacy policy, clarified further explanations on the use of data to make it clear and understandable, published a list of cooperation partners and created the opportunity to opt-out.


We use the user ID for our services in order to measure user’s behaviour and to be able to display advertising in a targeted, fair and performance-optimized manner. Even if our user ID contains only pseudonymous information, it is likely to be assigned to the category “personal” according to the interpretation of the GDPR.

Approach & Strategy

According to the current state of the discussions and statements, we assume that our services are legitimated according to Art. 6 (1) (f) of the GDPR on the “legitimate interest”. The following points speak for this:

  • Processing of pseudonymous data
  • Comprehensive information on the website
  • Expected knowledge of the user about the processing
  • No profound interference with the personality right
  • Interest of the user already announced before
  • Easy opt-out possibility

In the interpretation and balancing of interests, we rely in particular on the user’s regular expectation that when surfing the internet and on visited pages, he gets advertisements for products that he has viewed in another shop and for which he has already been interested. Online advertising is in this sense no longer a surprise for the user. The connection between ads that are tailored to the interests of the user, and the processing of data is obvious to the user.

What is to do?

In our privacy policy and in the additional information you can inform yourself in detail about our services and the technology used. Both documents contain a direct link to the opt-out as well as the list of all our current cooperation partners

Although we cannot provide legal advice, we recommend pointing out the cooperation with us in the privacy policy, e.g.: with the following snippet:

“For the optimal displaying relevant advertising media and advertising campaigns advanced store GmbH, Alte Jakobstr 79/80, 10179 Berlin, is collecting, using ad4mat technology, on this page pseudonymous information and data about the surfing behaviour of users.

This is done by storing a randomly generated pseudonymous user ID in your computer's LocalStorage. advanced store uses these data which continue to exist and can be read even after you close the browser window - provided you do not delete the cache – in order to analyse your surfing behaviour based on a special algorithm and specifically relevant on other websites, e.g. to recommend products and offers according to your interest through advertising banners. The data, these are the addresses (URLs) of the web pages you have visited on this website, is only used to optimize the recommended advertising content, the website user is not personally identified. Third parties cannot access the data stored in the local storage.

advanced store GmbH is committed to the European industry standard for online behavioural advertising, the EDAA. For more information and preference management, visit The services of advanced store GmbH are based on Art. 6 (1)(f) GDPR. If you want to object to the use of pseudonymous cookie IDs and the corresponding analysis of your surfing behaviour, then you have the opportunity here. You will also find further information here in the Privacy Policy of advanced store GmbH.”

In addition, we recommend that you have your own data processing analysis of your page or your product carried out by your data protection officer or lawyer.

We all know that a lot is currently “in flux” and that further interpretations or corrections of the GDPR might follow. Should any questions remain unanswered, we are always at your disposal for personal discussions.