Partner Workshop on the GDPR Innovations: An Industry Has to Stick Together

Partner Workshop on the GDPR Innovations: An Industry Has to Stick Together

We take part in the discussion of the far-reaching issues of privacy, performance enhancement, and digital technologies. After all, we have a lot of experience and knowledge in these areas. But more importantly we want our industry to exchange and collaborate on these issues, because it ultimately affects everyone. With advanced store :connect we have put this idea into practice and started a partner workshop. The result was an exciting day in our Berlin office with guest lectures, new ideas and the certainty that :connect will be repeated.



Fun Paired with Concentrated Knowledge

Of course, an event with our partners may not lack fun and fine food. But we wanted advanced store :connect to be more than a culinary meeting among industry peers. With :connect, we express our desire to increase focus on networking by sharing knowledge. That's why we deliberately did not invite to a Meet & Greet, but a partner workshop. This was also well received by our partners.

Teilnehmer beim Partner-Workshop

Lively Interest And Many Questions

That's how a workshop should be: Many questions were asked and discussed. This not only inspired us, but also animated our guest speakers Dr. Dirk Koehler and Olaf Birkner to do their best. In total, there were five presentations that covered general technology updates, data management as software as a service, and new publisher tools. One topic, however, especially hit the nerve of the attendees.

advanced store office partner

E-Privacy Moves People's Hearts

In total we planned two lectures for Dr. Dirk Koehler to take a look at e-commerce and data protection from a legal perspective. And the reactions proved we were right with our weighting. The fact that a great many questions were asked about data protection shows once again how much this topic is affecting the industry. As of May 25th 2018 there will be many changes for EU-based companies due to the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the revised Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG). Of course that is a matter of concern to us as well and we know how much the changes can cause confusion. That's why we researched extensively and created not only useful information but also a to-do list:

The checklist can be downloaded here and the complete presentation of the partner workshop can be found on SlideShare.

At the end of the day...

...we went home with the good feeling that we are not alone in our desire for exchange and cohesion. In the future we will keep it rolling for the matter of new information and developments and sharing them with our partners. After all, you can always benefit from new developments.

We thank everyone involved and look forward to the next: connect partner workshop!





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