Postview Banners - Display Advertising On CPO Basis

Postview Banners - Display Advertising On CPO Basis

Just a few years ago, Postview was viewed with great skepticism by many. Not everyone was convinced that a sale should actually be the result of pure visual contact with an advertising banner. Instead, banners that were clicked were the most important. However, it is now undisputed that advertising has an unconscious effect and that users visit the advertiser's website afterwards even without a direct click. Moreover, as fewer and fewer users click on banners at all, advertisers inevitably have to rethink their approach in order to gain insight into the impact of their advertising.

Globally operating companies rely on Postview

In the meantime, the greatest skepticism has disappeared and Postview Tracking has established itself as a form of advertising. Global companies such as Google or Facebook, Vodafone or Telekom have recognized the impact of advertising on branding and sales and are focusing on Postview campaigns. An internationally recognized standard is the 50/1 rule: If at least 50 percent of the banner is visible for at least 1 second, this is considered an impression. With video ads, 2 seconds of visibility is considered the impression.

Long-term impact of Postview in Social Media

View through ads have also become standard in social networks. Facebook, for example, makes it possible to track actions within 1, 7 or 28 days of ad impression or click. Both impressions and clicks are measured. The "Last-Touch Attribution Model" is used as standard: If the user clicks on an ad before it is converted, the click counts. However, if the user does not do this, the conversion is added to the last ad displayed.

What does Postview actually mean and how does tracking work?

When visiting a website, the user is often shown a large number of banners. If an advertisement arouses the user's interest, he can click on it to obtain further information about the offer. But even if he does not click on a banner, the mere visual contact can lead to the user subsequently making a sale on the advertised page.

"An advertising effect can therefore be achieved even if the advertising was not consciously perceived."

Marc Majewski, CEO advanced store

However, to ensure that the sale can be attributed to the Postview banner at all, a Postview cookie is set when the advertising medium is displayed in the visible area of the website. In addition to tracking by a cookie, fingerprint and ID tracking are other methods of tracking the path from visual contact to sale.

Postview cookies have a lower value than click cookies and are overwritten by these if the user clicks after the visual contact. The cookie runtime is also usually shorter with Postview. However, there are no fixed values here. Not every campaign automatically includes Postview tracking. The agreements must be made separately with each advertiser. The cookie runtime is also determined individually.


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Outlook: How will Postview develop?

Since everything in postview campaigns revolves around the visual contact between the user and the banner, viewability is the main concern of advertisers - there is even talk of "viewability as currency" in online marketing. There is still no uniform standard for measuring viewability. However, there are new measurement methods that go beyond pure visibility measurement. The advertising effect is also determined by whether the user interrupted the scrolling while the banner was visible or whether there was even a mouse-over on the advertising medium. These measurement methods provide even more information about the effect of a banner. A/B tests can be used to find out, among other things, how a banner must be designed in order to attract the user's attention and to make him consciously make eye contact.

How To Create Postview Banners

Decisive for Postview advertising media is the visual contact of the user with the corresponding banner. Those who invest their advertising budget in Postview Tracking should therefore ensure that they work with partners who set high quality standards. International networks such as AWIN therefore oblige their publishers to guarantee the visibility of their advertisements. This is where advanced store relies on viewTag technology: only when a banner is in the visible area it is played out. This allows the use of Postview not only in the upper part of a website. Even if the user scrolls down, Postview banners can be displayed thanks to viewTag.

Requirements and quality standards for advertising media

Even if the visual contact is sufficient for a Postview payment, the advertising material must still be clickable and forward to the displayed offer or a landing page of the advertiser. In addition, the design of the advertisements should also meet certain requirements. Thus a clear reference to the respective advertiser and the advertised product should be recognizable. Pure texts or text links are therefore not permitted for Postview.

Postview with advanced store

advanced store cooperates with a large number of advertisers on a Postview basis. If you choose advanced store, you can be sure that the visitors of a website really see the ads with Postview Tracking. This is because advanced store uses viewTag technology to ensure that a banner is only really displayed if it is in the visible website area. In addition, advanced store plays out advertising media on high-quality inventory, which is otherwise only available on a CPM basis. The environment in which advertising is placed plays a major role in the advertising effect. As an advertising impact study conducted by OMS in 2011 showed, the time users spend on the site is longer if they find high-quality content in an attractive environment. Since Postview is a performance-based payment model, the advertiser only incurs costs for the playout of the advertising media in the event of a successful sale.


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