Prospecting Campaigns (EN)

advanced prospecting

Successful initial contact with potential new clients

Using a clear target group profile, we quickly build up comprehensive second-party data and draw relevant customers to your website for the first time. Over the course of the campaign, we identify the successful audiences, environments and advertising materials, and optimise all the relevant criteria in respect of their impact on the effective CPO.

Programmatic Buying

Quickly building detailed user profiles is crucial for the success of prospecting campaigns. Target group profiles subdivided according to intent and interest form the basis for effective real-time bidding. We use programmatic buying to place the campaigns tailored to the characteristics of the appropriate target group and in doing so we access the reach of our more than 400 media partners.

Target groups that are ready to buy

Through our intelligent audience platform, we quickly build up detailed user profiles and enrich these with existing user profiles for relevant product interest or intent. Advanced technology continuously recognises and evaluates the advertising impact for each audience, environment and advertising material and in doing so uses already existing knowledge in respect of the effect in the selected product context.


Our team has over 10 years of experience in programmatic buying and, on a daily basis, works with more than five different demand side platforms (DSP). Moreover, this spans all industries, particularly e-commerce, telecommunications, travel, and finance. The clear objective of optimising conversion rates has been at the forefront right from the beginning and still constitutes our drive and motivation to this day.