Retargeting Campaigns (EN)

advanced retargeting

Specific remarketing through multiple stage retargeting

In order to achieve above-average results and drive high-quality traffic to your target website, we rely on dynamic retargeting or remarketing. Customised advertising material addresses users in an ideal way – depending on which category, page or product they have viewed.

High-quality environments

Thanks to over 540 private deals & auctions, we are able to place our advertising materials at favourable purchasing conditions in relevant and quality-assured environments. Our multi-DSP approach, combined with our own DMP, ensures uninterrupted coverage and high return rates.

Customised ad materials

Our retargeting technology optimises dynamic advertising materials so that they to bring the user back in contact with the product relevant to them. The advertising material is dynamically generated and displayed, depending on the user’s interests. Here, any criteria, such as user characteristics or information on products and/or offers can be selected and displayed.

Easy implementation

Our one-tag solution immensely simplifies the integration of retargeting. The lead time and set-up of your campaign are shortened and it is able to start quickly.

Using synergies

We reach even more potential customers through the combination of initial and follow-up contacts. Our advanced DMP gives us full control and flexibility, and is fully geared towards the optimal pay-per-sale.


Our retargeting technology complies with the guidelines of the General Data Protection Regulation. We ensure that the user profiles we create on the basis of anonymised cookies comply with data protection requirements and certified in accordance with German and European data protection guidelines.