Social Media Marketing (EN)

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Give your brand a personality with Social Media Advertising

Advertising on large social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter follows its own rules. The users have particularly high expectations of emotional and interesting content, and these are met by our team through creative campaigns that are appropriate for the target group and channel. Our marketing managers, graphic designers and copywriters will create original text, image and video ads and open up new target groups for you.

Individual creative approaches for each channel

Social ads are created and not constructed. The expressiveness of a text, image or video will have a significant impact on its success. Let us create authentic and original adverts for you and, in this way, awaken the attention of potential users in the long-term. We tap into new channels for you with new target groups – in a scalable and CPO-focussed manner.

Variety of targeting and modern advertising formats

Our social media ads allow you to target users according to purchasing and surfing behaviours, as well as their situation in life and interests. At the same time, modern presentation formats such as carousel ads, video ads or photo ads provide an opportunity to create authentic and context-based advertising materials that strike precisely the right chord with the user.

Prospecting and retargeting in combination

In addition to the right environment and channel, knowing your users’ interests and potential purchasing power is vital for extending the reach of your social ads. In our prospecting and retargeting campaigns, we work with intent and interest data, drive new customers to your target page and then appeal to them again retrospectively in relevant environments.