viewTag (EN)

advanced viewTag

Control and safety for display campaigns through viewTag

For Advertisers

By using our viewTag technology, we ensure that our advertising banners are only deployed when in the user’s field of vision. This way we protect you from a banner deployment without any advertising performance. You only pay for actual advertising performance on a CPO basis.

For Publishers

viewTag gives you the opportunity to place advertising material from premium advertisers in the not instantly visible area of your site without violating the guidelines for advertising placement. At the same time, unnecessary loading times are eliminated.

Display resolution

The resolution and size of the monitor used by the user no longer matter. Even on smartphones and tablets, the user's viewing window is read.


viewTag detects the visual contact or the position of the banner, no matter at which position and independent of the scroll direction (vertical: down/up; horizontal: left/right).

Tracking & Reporting

Can be mapped via conventional tracking ad servers and can be combined with any reporting tool.