What exactly is the job of... Team International: 5 and a cat

What exactly is the job of... Team International: 5 and a cat

The Godfather has one, Dr. Claw, Inspector Gadget's antagonist, has one and even Gargamel is never without his Azrael. But not only these villains love their cat. Fluffa, Francisco's cat, is also an integral part of our Team International. After Team Marketing and Team Publisher, we now introduce the five-member team that takes care of all the needs of our international customers.

Who's in Team International and what do they do?

Besides Fluffa and Francisco, Izabela, Silvia, Glen and Marta belong to Team International. They have all found their way to Berlin and bring the most diverse influences to the company through their different backgrounds.

The question about your mascot is superfluous, isn't it?

Silvia: It would definitively look like Fluffa, Francisco’s cat. She attends all our meetings and when she doesn’t, Francisco sends us pictures of her sleeping or eating.

Francisco: Indeed, I send pictures of my Fluffa any occassion I can and I won’t stop doing it. (laughs)

What are your tasks in detail?

Silvia: We develop new partnerships and start advertising campaigns with advertisers across the world. We also take care of the existing advertising campaigns with a constant focus on the performance.

You are an international team, coming from Poland, Italy, Spain and France. How do you prefer to communicate?

Glen: First we speak in English together and second in our own language especially when we are frustrated. And normally Silvia speaks with her hands in Italian.

Why are you the best team in the world?

Silvia: We are not only the best, but also the funniest! Each of us brings to the table his/her own cultural background, humor and experience. The result is a perfect mix of Polish enthusiasm, Italian creativity, Spanish spiciness and French...fromage! Just kidding, French positivity.

Glen: Francisco’s cat Fluffa is a key player in this team for its ability to spy on our competitors. (laugs)

Francisco: I don’t know if we are the best team, but I wouldn’t change them for anything. I love the way we support each other both professionally and personally. If one of us is having a bad day or struggling with some hard numbers, the rest is always willing to help, say a couple of jokes or nice words and suddenly your day looks brighter.

What makes you particularly proud?

Silvia: We are very proud of our international success. It is not always easy to compete with big advertising companies active all over the world. You have to know the market very well and always keep up with the new trends. Our multiculturalism, flexibility and extended network are the key to our success.

Last but not least: Your tip for the lockdown?

Silvia: All you need is Soda, Prosecco and Aperol. Mix them together and treat yourself with a homemade Spritz!

Francisco: If you take a shower every time you go to the bathroom to cry, no one will notice it! Just kidding, my tip for the lockdown would be using this quiet time to reconnect with those things you used to love (playing piano, making a puzzle…) and stopped doing when you grew up and became “a social being”.

Izabela: Just take a deep breath. If you are healthy and have a roof above your head then you are ok. Calm down, relax, read the book that you have never had time for and… exercise regularly! It’s good not only for your body but also for your mind - it is scientifically proven!


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