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ad tag for all thanks to One Tag Solution

Simply do your own programmatic shopping and control campaigns

A demand side platform (DSP) forms the foundation for programmatic advertising trading via real-time bidding. Using our advanced DSP, you create and configure programmatic campaigns tailored to your target group and keep an eye on their success at all times. Our self-developed Real Time Bidder gives you access to a variety of SSPs to let you dynamically scale the fully automated purchase of advertising space and advertising inventory.
Marc Majewski
Choose between Self Service or Managed Service
"You already work with Google AdWords, but want greater reach? Then take advantage of our DSP with a low monthly minimum spending limit of €5,000 and gain access to a variety of other SSPs. Depending on your level of experience, we will gladly help you to supervise your programmatic campaigns. Or you can take the reins yourself."
Marc Majewski, cEO
made in germany

Made in Europe

near realtime reporting
Near Realtime Reporting
rtb for intent and interest
Optimise Real Time Bidding for Intent and Interest
Support via help centre, chat or telephone


advanced DMP

Use categorized customer data to place individualized ads

Our Data Management Platform (DMP) is the central solution for collecting, managing, analyzing and organizing user data. Together with intent and interest data, this behavioural and profile data forms the basis for personalised advertising that is precisely tailored to the needs of the user. Use our database with already categorized data to create and manage your individual target groups!
Fast creation of qualified 1st party user profiles
Optimize Real Time Bidding for intent and interest
Flexibly adapt and improve ongoing campaigns
24/7 service via help center, chat or telephone

One Tag Solution

Save time and money through the advanced tag and bet on flexible campaign control

With our One Tag Solution, we expedite the control of programmatic campaigns by being able to quickly adjust tags in the background. Once integrated into your website code, the tag container takes over any function for measuring and collecting user data, depending on the advertising campaign. This simplifies the analysis and allows you to react faster to new market developments.
Flexible campaign control according to campaign objective
High user-friendliness due to short loading times
Simple one-time integration into the source code
Less effort and costs due to automated tag control

Ad serving

Upscale your advertising media with our self-developed ad serve

Our ad server supports all ad formats such as video, HTML5 and GIF. It allows a fast delivery of banners without affecting the performance of your website. In addition, the size of the advertising media adapts responsively to all devices. In the case of retargeting campaigns, the content of the ad can be adapted dynamically and user-specifically.
Fast delivery via global Content Delivery Network (CDN)
No delay or impact on website performance
highest safety standards (TLS/HTTPS/HTTP/2)
White Label possible (SaaS)


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