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Performance display advertising scaled to your CPO

Since 2008 we have been implementing display, native and social campaigns precisely tailored to our advertisers' objectives and their industry. We work closely with over 500 publishers, rely on a data-based user approach and roll out our own media technology to offer an integrated solution for programmatic advertising.
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Yvonne Hansen
The correct traffic mix does it!
"By connecting multiple DSPs and working with our publishers, we have created an advertising platform for our customers that enables an extensive and yet high-quality reach. This allows our customers to scale their display advertising on a CPO basis and achieve placements that are otherwise bookable only on a CPM or CPC basis."

Izabela Zieba, Head of Sales & Account Management Advertiser International

Our advertising solutions


Winning new customers as a basis for conversions and ROI

Aided by a clear target group profile, we identify potential new customers in our DMP and, depending on the intent or interest, approach them in a suitable environment. By avoiding wastage this way, we cut advertising costs and, in combination with retargeting, ensure the long-term success of your display campaign.
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Winning back customers using a targeted approach

To finally win over purchase dropouts, we reach out to them through dynamic advertising media based on the concrete interest in a site, a category or a product. In this way we direct high-quality traffic to your target website and achieve optimal results with the synergy of prospecting and retargeting.
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Display advertising

The right format and environment for greater awareness

Display ads rank among the advertising formats with the greatest reach. Thanks to high sources of supply, we can access exclusive inventories at favourable purchasing conditions, which we can serve with both individual and IAB standard formats. Supplemented by e-commerce profile data, we create dynamic advertising media that help us achieve strong placements with our publishers.

Native advertising

An improved advertising experience for greater trust

Text-and-image ads, which advertise not aggressively but with informative content, have established themselves as an effective alternative to classic display formats. Visually adapted to the editorial environment, our native ads are a strong driving force for brand awareness and click-through rate and conversion – whether for desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Social advertising

The full targeting potential for every product

Social media have become one of the most important sources of target-group-relevant data. Advertising on the major social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn, however, follows its own rules. We create social ads such as picture, text or video ads that fit your brand image and use them specifically as part of your overall campaign.
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The campaign & getting it underway
We deposit your banners in our system and prepare the campaign. Within 48 hours we are ready to start, and your campaign goes live.


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