Performance Display Advertising focused on your CPO

We are convinced that online advertising will be fully automated in the future. With this goal in mind, we develop our own technology, which is the basis for our display, native and social campaigns. We perform programmatic advertising with a focus on your CPO.
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With prospecting campaigns we lead qualified new customers to your online offer for the first time and create the basis for conversions and ROI.


Target your users to their interest in your site, category or product with our dynamic advertising media and bring them back to your website.

Display Advertising

We address your customers on their favourite websites and increase the success of your display campaign measurably, brand-consciously and with all effective media formats.

Native Advertising

Attract attention with ads compound from image and text placed in editorial environments and benefit from high user acceptance in the form of increasing CTR and conversions.

Social Advertising

We set up creative performance campaigns designed for you to win customers on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn and Xing.

Formula A
4 key factors for successful campaigns



Our media technology has been developed with the aim of campaign automation through the use of deep learning. It is already in a position to guarantee the best possible conditions for media buying.


The larger the base, the better the result when selecting target groups with a large amount of purchasing power. This is why, for over 10 years, we have established one of the strongest and highest performing target markets in Europe.


To maximise the quality of your prospecting and retargeting campaigns, we use our own prestructured intent and interest data and third-party data from trusted partners.


Every project is underpinned by one key factor: motivated people with the necessary skills and creative flair. Our team combines the expertise of over 43 clever minds who make our technology the successful tool that it is.