BrightRoll DSP Core Certification: advanced store has proven expert knowledge

BrightRoll DSP Core Certification: advanced store has proven expert knowledge

With BrightRoll DSP, Yahoo provides more than 165 billion data points every day, helping to reach the right audience with each ad and on every device. But using this huge amount of data effectively is a big challenge. To take full advantage of all BrightRoll DSP features, some advanced store staff members have been extensively involved in a training course and have successfully completed the BrightRoll DSP Core Certification.

Professional Campaign Management

We know how important it is to not treat campaigns as a no-brainer. That's why our Ad Operations team specializes in campaign management. They focus on different forms of advertising and the appropriate selection of target groups. But since every platform has its own rules, it's necessary to deal intensively with it. Therefore seven of our colleagues attended a training by Oath, learned how BrightRoll works in detail and finally passed a test, which now certifies them for one year.

The Icing on the Cake

With this certification, we confirm the professional collaboration with BrightRoll and its unique features. "Just another lesson learned", Johann, our leader of Team Ops, puts it briefly. So it paid off, because now advanced store has even more know-how in setting up and optimizing BrightRoll campaigns. The certification is not just another deed on a wall, but it allows us to more effectively use the DSP and its features, such as the Audience Builder or Campaign Insights. Thus we can better serve you and further optimize the performance of our campaigns.

We congratulate our fellow players Barbara, Robine, Paola, Franziska, Judy, Michael and Johann on their appointment as a certified BrightRoll DSP Manager. They will happily be at your disposal for any questions.



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