advanced store takes over affilitizer from 1 June 2021

advanced store takes over affilitizer from 1 June 2021

affilitizer has been around for almost 5 years now. During this time, thousands of users have come to appreciate the simplicity of finding affiliate programmes directly via Google every day. Now Eugen Falkenstein, founder and owner of the useful browser extension, has decided to hand over affilitizer to Marc Majewski, CEO of advanced store.

An era for affilitizer comes to an end, a new one begins

It was not easy for Eugen to give up his project. He is all the more pleased now that the project will not come to a halt thanks to Marc and his Berlin-based team:

"After intending to simply discontinue affilitizer, I received several requests from people who wanted to continue the project. I was overwhelmed to see how many people care about affilitizer. So I’m even more pleased to have found a worthy successor in advanced store. Not only can they continue affilitizer as usual – they’re also able to provide the necessary resources to develop the project further."

Eugen Falkenstein, former Managing Director of affilitizer

As of 1 June 2021, Marc and his more than forty online marketers will continue affilitizer's service in the usual way. Of course, there will also be innovations. Together with its own in-house IT with experienced developers and agile solutions, affilitizer will also get new features in the future, such as starting directly with the affiliate programme without having to apply in the network. Another point will be to involve the more than 250,000 users in the brainstorming:

"We’re honoured to continue affilitizer under the umbrella of advanced store and we thank Eugen for his trust! We’re aware that affilitizer has many users worldwide who really value the service and platform. That's why we’ll not only continue the tool responsibly, but also further develop it by incorporating ideas and suggestions from users."

Marc Majewski, CEO advanced store

So there is good news for all users of the add-on: the affilitizer service will not be discontinued, but will go into the next round!


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