Formula A (EN)

Formula A
for successful campaigns

fortschrittliche Technologie
advanced technology

advanced technology - the continuous programme of improvement for performance display

Online advertising is complex as well as constantly evolving. Those who wish to have success have to have a number of factors under their control: advertising formats, target groups, environments, data quality, security, media purchasing and bidding processes – these all have to be synchronised. Added to this, there is also the ongoing measurement and evaluation of campaign performance, as well as timely KPI reporting.

Our advanced technology enhances and automates performance campaigns through deep learning, big data and intelligent, flexible APIs. It makes all these factors controllable, ensures campaign quality and optimises media purchasing. It is our central campaign system that connects all relevant environments, media platforms and booking systems. Thus we ensure flexibility, speed and favourable purchasing conditions as the basis for leading campaign performance.
advanced reach

Qualified reach as the basis for high CPO performance

The higher the base quantity from which we select our strongly active purchasing audiences, the higher the final CPO performance. Thanks to our long-term partnerships, use of a variety of selected channels and the connection with different DSP solutions, our access to target groups who are close to making a purchase is unique in Europe.

We know the most attractive environments and their strongly active purchasing audiences from the many campaigns we have run. We select them using clear analytical criteria and optimise media purchasing through firm offtake agreements and our own target group data. In over 10 years, this has allowed us to create one of the highest gross reaches for the combination of display, native and social ads in Europe.

Long-term partnerships

with relevant publishers, marketers and networks for display, native, social and apps.


Selected channels

for all relevant topics, such as e-commerce, travel, telecommunications and retail.


Multi-DSP approach

for independence, flexibility and optimal media purchasing.

advanced data

Audience data as the basis for clear media decisions

The advanced DMP contains all the tools needed for processing user information and programmatic media purchasing. It recognises and segments according to the user’s interest, intent and demographic characteristics. It thus allows the campaign to be focused on users with a higher probability of making a purchase.
Enrichment through second-party data segments
The advanced DMP continuously collects detailed data on purchase intentions from our data partners. As a result, this increases the reach of your campaign right from the start.

Development of first-party data for efficient retargeting
Once a new potential customer is redirected to your brand’s content or product via prospecting, they become a first-party contact. These aggregated data form the basis for follow-up contacts via retargeting.

Exclusion of retargeting data
Users who have already been in contact with your brand or products can be excluded from prospecting in order to further increase performance. They are already on file and will be contacted again through a retargeting campaign.

Generating dynamic retargeting ads
It is only possible to create dynamic advertising materials with personalised messages if we have knowledge of user behaviour and the interests and intentions of individuals. Taking into account the personal characteristics and circumstances of individual users has a particularly positive effect on the response rate and thus on the success of the campaign.
advanced lab

Enthusiasm and curiosity coupled with creativity and competence

As a performance advertising technology company, we pursue the goal of delivering the best possible CPO performance. But the focus is not solely on developing our own technology. We continuously invest in the competence and creativity of our team, because without a good team a company is worth nothing. Our team brings together the expertise of over 43 bright minds and makes our technology the successful tool it is.

Every change, innovation and success requires motivated people who have the right skills, strive for development and work with enthusiasm. We have a corporate culture that is built on dedicated employees who have the courage to question the status quo, bring new ideas to the table and drive progress forward.